What is good fat? Discover the benefits and where to find them

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Good fat is one that you can and should put in your diet because it has several health benefits.

What is good fat and what are its benefits?

Good fat is that which is considered healthy and has the most health benefits, as is the case with unsaturated fat. Although other types of fat also have qualities, they should be consumed in moderation. Unsaturated fats, when consumed in the right measure, can help to reduce bad cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease, that’s why the reputation of good fat. This type of fat can also help regulate insulin levels and hormonal functions.

How to replace bad fat with good fat?

Good fat is present in several foods, as you will see in the next topic. But check out some substitutions you can make on a daily basis:

  • Swap the chips and biscuits rich in trans fat for yogurts, skim milk drinks, fruits or natural sandwiches on whole grain bread;
  • Try to check on the food labels the types and amounts of fat present, opting for those without trans fat and low levels of saturated fat;
  • Exchange whole milk for skimmed milk;
  • Remove the apparent fat from the meat before eating;
  • Swap red meat for chicken, turkey or oily fish like salmon.

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What are good high fat foods?

Although unsaturated fats are the most famous when it comes to good fat, saturated fats from natural sources can also be part of a balanced diet. The main recommendation is to adjust the quantities and avoid overeating. Now that you know what good fat is, let’s tell you what foods you can find it in.


Avocado is one of the best known foods that is rich in good fat. It has a lot of dietary fiber and unsaturated fats, in addition to having vitamin A and B. As it is a highly caloric food, eat in small portions. Half an avocado a day is enough to take advantage of its anti-inflammatory action, reducing stress and regulating the menstrual cycle. For vegetarians, it is a good choice for daily protein intake, promoting more satiety and energy.


All oilseeds are a source of good fat and protein, when eaten in small portions they are great alternatives for snacks. It is important to pay attention to the quantities because oilseeds have a high caloric value. They can be mixed like dried fruits, with a good balance of lipids and sugars. Another good reason to put oilseeds in the diet is that they are rich in magnesium and dietary fiber, promoting satiety and are also great for memory and concentration.

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