Series 1: 5 Mistakes that hinder weight loss

Variety of physical activities

The end of the year is coming and along with it the summer, holidays and parties! How about starting a routine to lose weight and stay fit and healthy? Let’s name the first 5 mistakes that hinder weight loss.

1 – Not having the willpower!

This is the first mistake anyone who wants to lose weight makes! If you are not strong-willed, willing to lose weight, you will not be able to follow all the steps to reach the final result. If you are the person who begins a dietary re-education, physical exercise and gives up in a week, you need EFFORT and DETERMINATION! Find out what’s missing to motivate you to change, DON’T THROW THE TOWEL , stay strong and go all the way! Your goal will come!

2- Perform radical measures

Do not try to take quick measures to lose weight, our body works very well, but if you are surprised by very radical changes it can cause an imbalance, which can lead to serious illnesses.  Take it one step at a time! Start changing your habits little by little, so that the body understands clearly and is not “scared” by these changes. Remember that you will slowly go far. If you are determined to change and eat better, first try to be concerned with the quality of the food and what health benefits it brings, do not eliminate once and for all the foods you have eaten for years, reduce the quantity gradually. With these changes in a slower way your body and brain understand what you are wanting to do and without realizing it you change your habits.

3 – Running out of food

We often think that if we go without eating, weight loss happens faster.  It is a very common and very dangerous mistake! Going without food causes your body to slow down the weight loss process, the body loses weight, but that lost weight is of muscle mass and not the fat you want to eliminate. When you lose muscle mass it can trigger anemia and malnutrition.


4- Restrictive diets

Do you know those diets that are low in calories, or do you remove some very important food from your diet?  They are very bad for our body! The body needs all the nutrients to function well and in health! Do not eat diets that completely remove carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes), or specific diets like soup, shakes, juices, salads. All foods are important for the proper functioning of the body, do not remove from the food!

5- Do not exercise

Diet is important to lose weight, but we can’t forget about physical activity! Together, diet and exercise provide quick and healthy weight loss! Choose a type of exercise that is pleasurable and do it every week. Always consult your doctor and a physical educator to assess the best type of exercise for your goals.

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