Series 2: 5 mistakes of those who want to lose weight

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Our second series of mistakes has arrived for those who want to lose weight, read now and see if you have made these mistakes, and what to do to improve and finally lose weight!

1 – Intense exercise and restricted diet

Exercise and diet are essential for weight loss, but be careful! The two must be balanced so as not to harm your body. Do exercises with adequate quality and quantities , always look for a qualified professional to guide you.If you combine excessive exercise and a restricted diet you can lose muscle mass instead of just fat, it can cause stress in the body and impair weight loss.

2 – Sleep hungry

If you are going to sleep and your stomach is “snoring” pay attention to it! We spend about 6 to 8 hours fasting while we sleep, but the body still needs energy to maintain proper functions, so don’t sleep hungry!  Eat light meals before bed, if you wake up more hungry than you went to sleep you might overdo it for breakfast or other meals.

3 – Skip meals

One of the most common mistakes of those who want to lose weight. All meals of the day are important for the body. Many people are in the habit of skipping breakfast or dinner believing that they will eat less and consequently lose weight. On the contrary, from the moment you do not feed your body at the right time it runs out of nutrients and energy, when you eat a meal the body will try to store as much energy and nutrients, this way instead of losing weight you may be losing muscle mass and gaining fat, which can still accumulate in Organs internal organs.  Eat meals every 3 hours, about 5 to 6 meals a day . Don’t skip any, they all have their importance!

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4 – Not taking care of food preparation

To lose weight it’s not enough to just eat grilled chicken and a salad, you need a very colorful and varied diet so that you don’t get sick of a monotonous diet. When preparing food, remember to use little fat, sugar and salt. When preparing vegetables, for example, preparations with sour cream, a lot of cheese or bacon are not recommended, as they are caloric foods. Use food preferably in the most natural way possible.

5 – Excesses over the weekend (Garbage Day?)

Many people talk about the day of trash, since the food was all right during the week, why not overdo it a little at the weekend? This type of thinking is very common, but if you really want to lose weight, you must take care of your food, even on weekends, holidays, holidays. If you ever overdo it because of a party, don’t worry, eat a lighter, healthy diet the next day to make up for these excesses. Don’t make it a routine, leave to eat a different treat or food on specific days such as parties, meeting with friends, etc.

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