Series 3: last 5 mistakes that prevent weight loss

erros que impedem o emagrecimento

We have reached the last series of errors that prevent weight loss! Learn a little more about food and some changes in your routine for you to lose weight!

1- Make hungry purchases

We often go to the supermarket hungry and don’t even notice! Our brain needs energy when we are hungry, this way it will guide you to buy foods that provide fast energy, like sweets and pasta, and then you buy much more than you should have bought and even forget about healthy foods , like vegetables and greens.  Have a meal before you go to the supermarket, if you’ve already had lunch or dinner, eat a yogurt or fruit to indulge yourself while shopping.

2 – Medication without medical advice

When thinking about losing weight, it is common to want to use some medication to help in this process and it will also be faster. We always know someone who knows someone who gets medication without a prescription. TAKE CARE! Taking medication without medical advice and prescription can be very harmful to health, as it can interact with other medications in addition to causing serious health problems. Ingestion of weight loss medications when not accompanied by dietary re-education and physical exercise can cause the unwanted EFFECT SANFONA . At the moment that for the medication weight gain occurs because there was no change in habits and behavior. Always ask for medical, nutritional and physical education guidance , and be sure to inform the professionals that you have already taken or are using medication.

erros que impedem o emagrecimento 4

3 – Inadequate water consumption

When we don’t drink water properly, our body is deficient in several aspects, such as secretions, intestines, hydration of organs and skin. So water is very important for maintaining the body , it participates in several functions of the body. Moisturizes the intestinal wall that contributes improves its functioning and absorption of nutrients. Eliminates excess salts that overload the kidneys, cleaning and reducing swelling, improves skin hydration, helps fight respiratory problems. To enjoy all these benefits, a daily intake of at least 2 liters per day is required.

4 – Eat as you want because it’s healthy (talk about light foods)

Many think that because it is healthy you can eat more! Wrong! An example are fruits that are excellent foods to help with weight loss, but in excess they can contribute to weight gain, as it has a sugar called fructose. Diet and light foods should also be used with care, often they are low in sugar, but have normal or higher amounts of fat.  Therefore, moderate consumption of all foods is very important.

5 – Do not seek professional help

Weight loss is the will of a large part of the population and for that many people do crazy things to obtain quick and satisfactory results, forget that professional monitoring of this process is necessary. It is important to consult with a doctor to assess the general clinical condition, a nutritionist to assess food consumption and a physical educator to correctly prescribe the exercises. Other specialties may also have to be consulted as an orthopedist and physiotherapist in case of injuries, endocrinologist for hormonal disorders, etc.

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